Oola Framework

Working Together


Goal Setting

The OolaWheel. The most important step to creating a life of Oola is to first decide where you are in The 7 F’s of Oola.

The OolaPlan. This will help you get to where you want to be by setting GOALS. Lots of them.

The OolaPath. Now that you've set your goals, its time to take ACTION in order to bring about the outcomes you desire.

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What gets in the way of the life we want and the life we seek? Roadblocks, unforeseen obstacles, negative emotions, behaviors and habits. Maybe you've seen some of these traits in yourself?

These are called OolaBlockers.

This is where we'll address those blockers head on.

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While there may be things that will get in the way of pursing your OolaLife, there are just as many positive habits, traits and practices that will help you grow as a person, live a life of gratitude and find your OolaLife faster.

These are the OolaAccelerators.

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Make a Plan

If there were one single goal which, after you accomplished it, would uplevel every aspect of your life, what would that goal be? And if it were that important to your future, wouldn’t you spend every day focusing on achieving it?

That’s Your One Thing.

Time to make a plan and put it into motion.

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Oola Quick-Start Program

Test the Waters

The Quick-Start Program is designed simply to give you an overview of the Oola framework and helps you outline where you are right now and where you'd like to be.

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